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Do the Writing!
Awareness Campaign

The Italian Ministry of Youth and INWARD gave life, in 2009, to the national Do the Writing! awareness-raising campaign, in order to promote and valorise urban creativity in Italy, starting with those no-profit youth associations geared and networked towards such a goal. 
The aims of this campaign involved also significant contributions towards understanding this phenomenon, in the public, the private and the no-profit sector, as well as by the public opinion, policymakers and media, as our project relied on hundreds of friends, supporters and promoters all around Italy.
From an earlier, wider number of entities active on such themes, the Urban Creativity Associations (UCA) came forth, and most of them signed the DTW (Do the Writing!) protocol. The most active UCAs among the signatories sat at the Technical Table on Urban Creativity; based on the proposals emerged, a more restricted and mature group of them gave birth to a Coordination structure.
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