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logo Associazione Culturale 400ml

Associazione Culturale 400ml

Constitution Year: 2007
Person in charge: Gennaro Maria Cedrangolo

This UCA contains its manifesto in its own name: 400 ml is in fact the content (in millilitres) of a spray can.

400ml is based on the active participations of all its members, boasting their experience in the field of artistic urban requalification, based on the professional skills and creative attitudes of its components.

400ml is an associative reality made up of young urban creatives present both on thier region and nationwide. It has, among its objectives, the promotion of culture, with a particular focus on graffiti-writing, street art and urban creativity, by realizing, managing and implementing events, classes and workshop, in copperation with both public and private entities.

This Association also analyzes and  explores the positive externalities graffiti and street art develop when related with other art forms, such as audiovisual, graphics and web design.

logo Associazione Bereshit ONLUS

Associazione Bereshit ONLUS

Constitution Year: 2001
Appointee: Daniele Passero

Associazione Bereshit ONLUS was born in 1999, following the “fermata Nisida” event, an attempt at urban requalification born of the cooperation of institution, policymakers and NGOs, which joined forces to create the bigger event of Souther Italy in the field.
The Association’s main goal is to promote urban culture and writing as a free form of expression for signs in evolution, and as a social glue between a territory and its inhabitants; therefore, it becomes a flexible and strategical tool for urban requalification; writing is, in other words, a translation of “active citizenship”.
The main feature of such an action is to examine a context and its “denizens” as a tool of active citizenship and main actors of the intervention. Therefore, such interventions become the last piece of a more complex path translating itself into “urban furniture”, born of the common action of different entities in a given area.
logo Evoluzioni / Associazione Culturale Arteteca

Evoluzioni / Associazione Culturale Arteteca

Constitution Year: 2004
Person in charge: Salvatore Velotti

The Associazione Culturale Arteteca (“Quicksilver”, in the neapolitan dialect) has, in its own name, its whole program.
Quicksilver to promote art and culture. This Association can already boast several actions, aech taken care of by the groups it chose to divide itself in to optimize its resources and the skills of its components.
Arteteca is currently divided in five operative units; amongst them, Evoluzioni, an expert group operating to promote urban culture and writing by means of conventions, seminars, research and university projects, cooperating with policymakers as well as public and private entities.
Evoluzioni produces cross-sections educational offerings, runs an international observatory on urban creativity, manages events and publishes multimedia works.
Evoluzioni struck a dialogue since a long time with sociologists, anthropologists, architects, urbanists, designers, art critics, artists and communicators. Its own name hides a program: “evoluzioni” are in fact the term writers use to acknowledge and share the change in their style. It symbolyzes that writers and their styles are potentially infinite.
Its logo, a deformed, though still recognizable, “e”, symbolyzes the treatment writers give to letters, changing them as they see fit, but never collapsing them.
Evoluzioni always focused its activities on experimental projects stressing the boundaries of contemporary Writing without capsizing them,getting rid of purisms and using its urban features.
logo Forme Urbane

Forme Urbane

Constitution Year: 2009
Person in charge: Francesco Palladino

The Associazione Culturale Forme Urbane was born in 2009 as the natural evolution of a previous informal group whose participants, mainly professionals in the fields of architecture and communication, transferred their expertise within this new project.

Forme Urbane is therefore a space of common discussion and work where social and urban issues meet in their entireity  The outside-bound dialogue this UCA has  had in its fourteen years of experience did not bestow upon them only a solid network of relationships but also allowed them to take part in important events, some of them among the best of the Italian milieu.

Forme Urbane wants to keep up with the good work, focusing on urban culture- and urban requalification-related topics, mainly through active citizenship and the involvement of the maximum people possible, in order to strike a dialogue with the wider audience possible.

Everything has been held through workshops, mostly in schools, building paths with disadvantaged yougsters, in degraded areas, up to the hosting projects built in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Justice and with the quasi-totality of the area’s policymakers, association and entities, currently ensuring an invaluable network for participated development..

Despite the main focus on urban requalification, Forme Urbane carries out its activities even in a wider, focused, social sense.

logo Thinks


Constitution Year: 2009
President: Luca Caputo

The Associazione Culturale Thinks has as its main goal, especially for the younger generations in Naples and its province, to divulge and disseminate the practice of  lawful writing, leading by good example, towards a new concord between civil society, institutions and writers.

The name of the UCA itself, Born of Think+Inks means “Subtle inks, refined writers”, encompassing a plurality of ideas and of artistic media, as well as approaches in applying urban creatività, from fashion to design.

The famous writing collective performance  on the wooden structure in Piazza Mignanelli in Rome, graced by the intervention of the Italian Ministero f Youth, the Rt. Hon Giorgia Meloni, whence the interest of the Italian Government for urban culture came, gave us the wish to renew our action, also by association.

The installation of a panel from the “Brlin” work in the Youth Ministry by wish of the Minister herself strenghtened the idea that a fruitful dialogue between institutions and street art can be open.

logo Associazione Culturale Stone Age

Associazione Culturale Stone Age

Constitution Year: 2012
Appointee: Gabriele Staltari

STONE AGE is an Association based on HIP HOP and its fundamental values. This structure pursues, promotes and supports the practices of all hip hop-based disciplines, as well as the adoption of its philosophical and behavioral principles, themselves focused on elevating both the individuals involved and the community they are in.

These four disciplines (Writing, MCing,Bboying and DJing, held together by the fifth one, i.e Knowledge) are a reliable set of alternatives and solutions for people struggling to find positive directions to their lives.

By offering social opportunities and supporting the practice of the aforementioned disciplines. STONE AGE allows the people it involves to experience HIP HOP towards social and environmental renewal; therefore, whole communities can live a such a situation. Furthermore, applying the specific knowledge of HIP HOP values can offer a productive outcome for personal growth and positively redefine one’s outlook on life.

The main goal STONE AGE pursues is to practice, spread and make the true essence of HIP HOP known, relying on people living within this culture since a long time.
logo Overline


Constitution Year: 2014
Appointee: Michelangelo Quaranta

The Overline UCA was born in 2014 from the graffiti, street art and urban cultural jam with the same name, held in Baronissi, Salerno, Italy since 2008. Since its inception, this jam has been held with the support of the local Municipality and Youth forum.
Year after year, the Overline Jam has grown significantly, becoming an international rendezvous featuring collective exhibitions by Hip Hop artists, and winning renown in the whole of Italy.
Every year, more than 40 writers, from both Italy and abroad, draw up new graffiti, covering those of the previous editions on a 300-metre wall and following a common, agreed-upon theme.
The mission the Overline UCA pursues focuses on the promotion of Hip Hop spirit and culture as a moment for social aggregation, culture and creativity.
logo Collettivo Boca

Collettivo Boca

Constitution Year: 2017
President: David Ardito

logo TCK Movement APS

TCK Movement APS

Constitution Year: 2019
President: Mario Di Matola

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