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logo Graphia


Constitution Year: 2010
Person in charge: Giulio Maurizio Gebbia

"Libera Associazione Culturale Graphia" is the first ever Sicilian association focusing on graffiti as a contemporary art form; its main aim is to revaluate graffiti from the aesthetic, artistic  and cultural side, It has been founded in Caltanissetta, part of Sicily’s heart, by four youngsters from there, Angelo "Crazyone" Genova, Christian "Done" Sicilia, Giulio "Rosk" Gebbia and Mirko "Lost" Cavalloto, all of them writers, distinguishin themselves by their thechnique juxtaposing aerosol art and graffiti.

This group of artists has been already involved in important initiatives, such as exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, all the while cooperating with institutions and policymakers in order to realize remarkable works on urban features in Sicily’s major cities. Such interventions favoured a good outlook towards graffiti.

The UCA Graphia has the specific aim of restoring and renewing forgotten urban surfaces, degraded and/or time-consumed, by realizing works of art through aereosol art and graffiti. All the interventions have as their goal the restoring or renewal of the walls, enhancing the environs as well.

These interventions allow to characyerizewalls and surfaces through emotion-inducing colours.

Graphia intends to tell a story unfolding before everyone’s eyes, like a book, or a poster but lasting in time

logo Cufù


Constitution Year: 2016
President: Giuseppina Facciponte

Cufù is a cultural association operating in Castrofilippo, Agrigento, Italy, since 2014, pursuing objectives such as urban and social regeneration. Its main goal is to try and give new life to a small town such as Castrofilippo, educating its people to a new awareness of the area they are in, their community and lifestyles. Such an aim is pursued through street art, an ideal artistic medium when providing art and culture to everyone, while giving them new tools, horizons and food for thought. Therefore, an effective network between citizens is created; such a network is then able to open up new opportunities for knowledge, ideas, persons and places to build both social and moral relationships, themselves able to breathe new life in our area.

Our Association regenerates those places it operates in, while trying to enact a process of both social and urban regeneration, itself able to set our area and the whole of Sicily free from the impasse that has been paralyzing it for too much. However, the best of it all lies in the fact that citizens from all walks of life can give life to this project of ours; on the other hand, “art for itself” and “acting for actions’ sake” risk having no effective outcomes.
On the contrary, mass participation can give true strength in leaving the dark years we lived in until today. Our new network of social contacts is potentially able to give life to a new social, historical and urban fabric. By skillfully integrating the knowledge of our area and our European scope, the current generations will be able to build the base of a different, if not outright better, society.
logo Street Factory Eclettica

Street Factory Eclettica

Constitution Year: 2015
President: Alessandro Ciulla

The “Street Factory Eclettica” UCA restored an area of the city it acts in, namely a municipal skating ring, which had laid unused for 15 years. What was a non-place has now become a sports and cultural attraction, active in social aggregation, besides hosting the new Skate Park (the biggest in Sicily and one of the few around the world featuring the touch of a street artist) while offering the opportunity for several indoor and outdoor activities . The notion of “Street Factory” involves a context featuring arts and sports, a crucible of young talents, a place for the local youth to approach arts and street sports with the aspiration of becoming professionals. All these activities are made possible by several dedicated spaces and facilities, including a permanent open art workshop featuring legal areas to paint on. The Street Factory hosts wall paintings by internationally known artists, urban vegetable gardens and botanical areas used for teaching. Some areas are especially allocated in order to focus synergies and thrust small local realities into the limelight.
Eclettica is a project involving sports- and culture-related growth opportunities for citizens, fully immersed into the new urban trends of ecological spirit, reuse, requalification and sustainability. The majority of the furniture and structures Eclettica has are recycled, reused or donated by the local citizens. All of this incarnates the spirit of Eclettica perfectly, itself focused on building a better world making the most of the availabke resources and avoiding waste of all kinds. 
logo Sguardi Urbani

Sguardi Urbani

Constitution Year: 2019
President: Luisa Tuttolomondo

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